BNR Tech – A Leader in Baltimore IT Consulting

Angarita_AlIn 1995 Al Angarita recognized the opportunity to provide consulting services in the Baltimore metropolitan area that empowered clients to embrace information technology. Twenty-five years later BNR Technologies continues to provide quality technical consulting services combined with superior customer service in the Baltimore metro area. In addition, we expanded our client base to include Washington D.C., Virginia, and North Carolina. Our clients are from various business sectors – engineers, distribution, accountants, financial, non-profits, wholesale, and medical to name a few. BNR Technologies maintains a coveted position as a leading IT consulting firm, teaming with clients to deliver strategic solutions that persist the test of time. We offer an unbiased, objective perspective and utilize various industry-standard software, hardware, and networking technologies with the sole purpose of increasing your day-to-day productivity and improving overall business operations.

Why BNR Tech?

In today’s fast-paced business world having a qualified I.T. team that your company can trust and depend on is a must. At BNR Technologies the services that we provide to our clients are built around our company philosophy.

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